Attorneys in The Law Firm offices in Kraków and Nowy Targ represent their clients in the following areas of law while pointing out examples of cases, with particular emphasis on compensation matters and family law.

Civil law

  • cases of compensation for traffic accidents and medical malpractice
  • cases of monetary redress for harm suffered
  • cases of payables for motor insurance claims
  • cases of redress for personal injury (damage and personal injury) and for damage to property
  • cases for payment
  • inheritance cases (statement of inheritance, legitim, record, order, partition of the estate)
  • cases of compensation and reparation for non-contractual use of real estate
  • housing issues (lease, eviction, protecting the rights of tenants)
  • cases of items under warranty for physical and legal defects
  • cases of debt collection and creditor protection in the event of insolvency of the debtor
  • pursuing redress claims for the contract of sale, supply, loans, transportation and other civil contracts and for non-performance or improper performance of the contract
  • passenger transport and cargo handling issues

Family Law

  • cases of divorce and separations
  • cases of alimony (for children, spouse after a divorce, increasing or repeal the maintenance obligation, contributing to meeting the needs of the family)
  • cases of partition of joint property
  • matters relating to parental authority (deprivation, restriction, suspension of parental authority)
  • claims to regulate parental contacts after divorce
  • claims to determine or deny of paternity or maternity
  • a case of incapacitation

Labor law

  • representation of workers and employers in all disputes arising out of employment
  • cases of employee reinstatement
  • cases of outstanding wages
  • cases to establish the existence of the employment contract,
  • matters related to the termination of employment contracts and termination of employment without notice,
  • claims to seek compensation for workplace accidents
  • claims to seek compensation in connection with workplace harassment
  • matters relating to the non-competition clauses
  • cases of redress in connection with the material responsibility of employees
  • handling cases relating to collective redundancies
  • matters related to the appeal procedure from erroneously issued certificate of employment
  • cases to set aside the penalty imposed on the employee for staff misconduct
  • appeals against decisions of the Social Insurance Institution

Economic and commercial law

  • establishment of commercial companies and registration of companies in the register of the National Court Registry,
  • representation of business entities in litigation,
  • transformation and liquidation of companies,
  • drafting and reviewing contracts,
  • permanent legal service and protection for companies, civil partnerships and commercial partnerships.

Administrative law

  • filing complaints to the administrative courts and representation of clients in proceedings before voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • preparation of appeals against decisions and rulings
  • drafting interlocutory appeals against decisions
  • assistance in obtaining permits and licenses

Criminal law, Petty Offences Law

  • representation and defense in the preparatory proceedings before the organs of Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as in court proceedings
  • defense in the proceedings in juvenile cases
  • representation of victims

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